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  • 2020/11/7 11:40:45

    Double 11 Shopping Festival

    11th Nov is coming, it is a day for singles to celebrate their single days, but recent years It have become a crazy shopping Festival, Each shop will provide the biggest discount for their products in a whole year, every lady will buy many things on this

  • Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween to all our friends and customers.

    2020/10/31 10:49:29 READ MORE
  • The Double Ninth Festival

    The Double Ninth FestivalLuner month 9th September is the double ninth festival. it is a festival for old people, named "Chong Yang Festival".This festival is hold to remember the dead family members, on that day, the yong men will go to visit t

    2020/10/24 10:27:15 READ MORE
  • The Strong Recovery of Economy During the National Holiday After the Corona Virus

    China has just finished the National holiday from 1st Oct to 8th Oct.Since the beginning of 2020, because of the corona Virus, people have to stay at home, afraid of their safty if travel around. After the hard work of government and doctors and all the C

    2020/10/10 17:11:20 READ MORE
  • National Holiday

    The national holiday is coming, To celebrate the holiday, Changle Reet Trading Co., Ltd factory will be on national holiday from 1st Oct to 6th Oct.For the under going orders, will postpone one week accordingly.But you can still get connected with me for

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  • Big Bows for Cars/Christmas Tree

    When Christmas is coming, every family will have a big Christmas tree. people will buy different kinds of beautiful items to decorate it. Ribbon bow is a perfect item to decorate a Christmas tree. a big big ribbon bow will never let you down.Changle Reet

    2020/9/21 17:16:08 READ MORE
  • What's the perfect gift for Teacher's Day?

    10th Sept is Teachers Day, To show their love to teachers, kids will prepare some gifts for their beloved teachers. but what should we prepare for our Teachers?

    2020/9/14 11:20:32 READ MORE
  • Ribbon Bow AQL QC Standards

    Ribbon Bows QC be done according to AQL standard

    2020/9/7 12:29:14 READ MORE
  • Happy Chinese Valentine's Day

    Luner 7th July is the traditional Chinese Valentines Day.

    2020/8/27 13:56:38 READ MORE
  • How to pack the ribbon?

    Ribbons are beautiful to decorate everything. we can use them to decorate your box, your gift, your flowers and even your clothes.When you come to buy ribbons, you can find different kinds of packings.Here I will list the ways to roll the ribbons.foam cor

    2020/8/8 10:56:08 READ MORE
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