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  • 2021/2/6 15:24:11

    The ribbon of use in our life

    Ribbon is an item that can be seen everywhere in our lives., it is a very good decorative supplies, can be used in toy packaging , holiday gift ribbons, headdress flowers, cake gift box packing, hand straps, headdress, gift flowers packaging, wedding deco

  • Elastis bow for boxes

    Elastic are perfect to make bows to decorate the boxes. first, the price of elastic is cheaper than ribbons, it can make the box looks more neat and higher standardBecause the elastic have elasticity, it can fit the box well.For the ribbon bows, if the e

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  • China's foreign trade conditions "A vessel is difficult to catch""

    in 2020, the "depression first and upturn then" of Chinas foreign trade exceeded expectations, which led to a series of unexpected extreme conditions in foreign trade shipping industry, the lack of boxes, full of cabin, dumping containers, plugg

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  • Black Firday Holiday

    The Black Friday--the fourth Friday in November, has just finished. Initially, it was a joint promotion day for offline supermarkets, specifically the ones in North America, but gradually online shopping joined in as well, gradually, the online shopping

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  • Top Chocolate brands

    Top ten Chocolate brandsSWISS THINSGUYLIANFERRERO ROCHERMAXINM"SDUCDOKINDER BUENQDCOSLEM&MsBELGIAN10.TOFFKFEEChocolate needs beautiful bows to decorate the boxes.Changle Reet Trading Co., Ltd have a bow making workshop, supplying hunreds and thou

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  • New Packing Ribbons

    New Packing ribbons

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  • Make purchase orders in Advance

    Although the pandemic is still popular all over the world, The leaders in almost all the country are planning to reopen the economy, Yes, even when life is still in danger, the people need to make money to buy food. the economy model has been changed,Onli

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  • Elastics sizes avaiable for face mask

    Elastic for masks includes polyester and Nylon, Polyester is relatively cheaper and Nylon is with higher qualityThere are round and flat elastics ribbon with 2.5mm and 3mm.also 4mm flat and 5mm flat Nylon elastic ribbon.Any interest, please come me for de

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  • 3mm elastic used on Face Mask

    We are providing high quality 3mm elastics used on N95 mask and disposable mask for civil use and hospital use.with good price and quality.with short lead time. If there is any need, please contact with wechate:13210749099

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  • Positioning Strategy

    "What really enters the mind is not the product at all, but the" name "of the product. In the minds of potential customers, the name is like a hook with the characteristics of the product on it.Changle Reet Trading Co., Ltd

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