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  • 2021/2/26 11:28:45

    Chinese Traditional Lantern Festival

    Tradition of Lantern Festival

  • The ribbon factory will be on work from 27th Feb.

    The ribbon factory will be on work from 27th Feb.

    2021/2/22 13:47:35 READ MORE
  • When will the Ribbon factory be on CNY holiday

    CNY is near, the ribbon factory will be on CNY holiday from

    2021/1/30 11:27:47 READ MORE
  • work at home or work in office?

    Normally, most of us work in office, in the past year, most of us have the experence of working at home, But do you like to work in office or work at home?work in office have many advantages, the work efficiency is higher, there is no interruption during

    2021/1/9 11:06:29 READ MORE
  • How to tie a simple bow with ribbons

    A bow can be used in many cases, it looks very simple, but many people dont konw how to tie it even it look very simple.Here I attach a picture that can show how to make a simple bow in different ways.1. A simple bow tie by hand.2. make a bow with a fork

    2020/12/31 14:41:45 READ MORE
  • Merry Christmas to All our Friends

    Merry Christmas to All our Friends, May health happiness and good times greet you each day of the new year.

    2020/12/25 10:08:33 READ MORE
  • Big Bow for Car Decoration

    It is so happy to buy a car of your dream, when you go to a car store and there is a big bow on your car, you will love it.A beautiful big car bow has just been finished. it is made by a 2.5 blue velvet ribbon, the bow has 6 loops, the bow width is 60cm a

    2020/12/7 11:07:13 READ MORE
  • Happy Thanksgiving Day!

    26th Nov 2020 is the yearly Thanksgiving day. Thanksgiving is the next most important festival after Christmas. Thanksgiving is a day to show thanks to everyboday. People will go to the church to prey, it is also a unit day, family members will get togeth

    2020/11/27 11:07:45 READ MORE
  • Sustainable ribbon Will Become mordern Trends

    Sustainable ribbon Will Become mordern Trends

    2020/11/16 9:04:28 READ MORE
  • Double 11 Shopping Festival

    11th Nov is coming, it is a day for singles to celebrate their single days, but recent years It have become a crazy shopping Festival, Each shop will provide the biggest discount for their products in a whole year, every lady will buy many things on this

    2020/11/7 11:40:45 READ MORE
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