Luner year 15th January is the traditional Lantern Festival, It is today, On this day, people in north part of China will buy or do Yuanxiao and people in South part of China will buy or do Tangyuan, the Yuanxiao or Tangyuan is in round, means family reunion.


During dinner, family members will get together to enjoy a sumptuous dinner, and then there will be very beautiful firwork shows.

Traditionally, after the Lantern Festival, the Chinese Luner New Year is finished, the next day all the business will be on work.

Changle Reet Trading Co., Ltd will be on work after the Lantern Festival, on 27th Feb. welcome come to us for inquiries about satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, organza ribbon, check ribbon, metallic ribbon, Christmas ribbon, printed ribbons, ribbon bows and artifical flowers, elastics and elastic bows.


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