Changle Reet Trading Co., Ltd provide ribbons and bows for different applications. one applicaton is used to wrap boxes,  When you get a box, how to choose a ribbon and bow?

  1. How to choose the size of the bow? the  bow can be wrapped long one side of the box, also can be wrapped on two sides of the box. so there are bows with one loop or two loops.

IMG_6886 (1000x1000).JPG

2. Bows can be made with different ribbons, satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, organza ribbon, check ribbon, metallic ribbon elastics.

IMG_6868 (1000x1000).JPG

IMG_6897 (1000x1000).JPG

IMG_6858 (1000x1000).jpg

Decorate your gifts with beautiful bows.

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