Although the pandemic is still popular all over the world, The leaders in almost all the country are planning to reopen the economy, Yes, even when life is still in danger, the people need to make money to buy food. the economy model has been changed,Online sales become the dominant sales model.

Now the ribbon price reaches the lowest point. after the world economy reopens, all the pending orders will come, at that time, the ribbon price may go up.

I think this is a good time to place the pending order for the second half year, the lead time is fast and the price is low.

We will provide the best price to support our customers who support us in the fast years. At this tough time, let's work together to go through it.

Our ribbon cover satin ribbon ( single and doule face) grosgrain ribbon, organza ribbon, metallic ribbon, check ribbon, Christmas ribbon, personalied ribbon, ribbon bow.

welcome come to us.


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