The 127th Canton Fair have started from 15th June, different with the previous fairs, the 127th fair is hold online.

Because the COVID-19 is still wreaking havoc around the world.  The flight between countries are not fully open, and it is not safe for customers to travel around.


Online fair start a new way for business.customers around the world not have to go to the fair with long time travel, they just need to seat in office to watch all the live broadcast, there are some advantages for online fair.

  1. The customers around the world can have a more easy way to get the new products they like, they can save a lot money for travel and hotel.

  2. Travel in canton fair is quite tired, after three days walking in the fair, all the people will be too tired to move.

  3. the exhibition can't show all the products of the company, so the customers can't see all the ranges of each company, only part of the products. Online fair can show all the products by live broadcast.

There are also some disadvantages of online fair.

   1. each company will introduce the products one by one, in one hour, they can only introduce a few produts, the customers will take very long time to watch all the products they have.

   2. the customers can only stay in one live, they will miss the other companies broadcast, though they can see the replay, it will take very long time. to get what they need.


This is the first year for online canton fair, the companies and customers will try to adapt to this way. But COVID-19 will finally be beaten worldwide. We can finally meet on Canton Fair face to face.

Changle Reet Trading Co., Ltd is a ribbon manufacturer and bow supplier, our bows are mainly supplied to Luxury brands, we will not attend the live broadcast this time, but you also can get to us by website or email to get our products and service.


welcome customers all over the world visit our factory one day.


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