in 2020, the "depression first and upturn then" of China's foreign trade exceeded expectations, which led to a series of unexpected extreme conditions in foreign trade shipping industry, the lack of boxes, full of cabin, dumping containers, plugging the port, sky-high freight rates, booking by shaking and other unprecedented phenomena frequently happened, becoming the biggest problem for foreign trade enterprises. 


<Finance and Economics> reported that the continued increase of the West U.S. and East U.S. routes, and other shipping rates, caused the higher container price.  Experts said that the trend of short-term sea freight depends on the game of foreign trade enterprises and shipping companies. Due to the weak bargaining ability of the foreign trade companies, which led to the rise in prices. However, this is mainly due to congestion caused by slow container turnover, there is no need to worry in the long run. The high cost of maritime logistics has limited impact on China's exports in the short term, experts suggest that export enterprises should do a good job of contingency planning and risk warning, daily attention to freight rates and exchange rates and other price changes, seize the opportunity to arrange production and shipment. It is expected that after February and March next year, sea freight is expected to gradually decline and return to normal levels.

We also faced the same problem with sea transport. To avoid the import to the smallest, we need to book the vessel one week earlier than before


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