image.pngNormally, most of us work in office, in the past year, most of us have the experence of working at home, But do you like to work in office or work at home?

work in office have many advantages, the work efficiency is higher, there is no interruption during work, we can get whatever we need in office, printer, fax, tel, any documents,  work in office just need to drive from home in the morning.

work at home saves the time drive to office, but work at home is with lower efficiency, we can be easily disturbed by other family members, especially the kids.or trial things.

In this special situation, work at home is the best solution. we can reduce the chance to meet with more people. Health is the most important.

we also can accept both options, work at home and in office, when there are needs that can't be done at home, we can go to office to work.

which way do you like?


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